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Google Safe Browsing releases more detailed information to compromised website owners


Google has recently released more information to the websites owners whose online properties are mistakenly identified as dangerous by its Safe Browsing technology as a method to assist them to solve the problem more easily.

Google Safe Browsing is security related technology provided by Google to help its users efficiently get out of the potentially dangerous websites when they are using browsers like Google Chrome browser, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and Android browser.

On the back-end, Google makes use of robots to make a scan for the targeted web and launch a list of websites that contain malware, dangerous downloads, deceptive advertisements and pages. Developers of third-party software are allowed to legally embed an API to integrate this list into their own applications.

But many websites that have malicious software as well as deceptive ads pops-up is actually under the control of cyber hackers who are actually not the legal owners. The owners of the websites now is allowed to require Google to re-analysis their online properties and remove them from the Safe Browsing blacklist one the security problems have been solved.

Unfortunately, this review process cannot be proceed properly for many website owners don’t have enough computer expertise to wipe out the malcodes hosting on the background of their websites.

To help avoid this circumstance efficiently, Google now has released newly updated information available in its Search Console service to offer more detailed explanations about six types of security problems that can possibly be found on a website, the Google Safe Browsing Team said in a blog post Tuesday.

“These explanations give webmasters more context and detail about what Safe Browsing found,” the team said, “We also offer tailored recommendations for each type of issue, including sample URLs that webmasters can check to identify the source of the issue, as well as specific remediation actions webmasters can take to resolve the issue.”

The website owners are recommended to proactively add their websites onto the account of Google Safe Console even if their websites have never come across any security issues. This may save a lot of their time because once something happen, Google will send notifications through the service to them.

There are more than one billion users are under the protection of Safe Browsing technology, and more than 60 million of them have come across the security notifications of Safe Browsing, according to Google’s weekly basis. As of May, website owners are allowed to clean up the malware on their websites within 60 days once they have received the warnings, according to Google’s analysis. This can be regarded as an improvement from a 90-day average response time in May 2015.


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